My station

I am mostly active on the HF bands, but you can also find me on 2 and 6 meters and 70 MHz in CW,SSB end RTTY.
This page contains a summary of my radio equipment.

My setup HF

  • Kenwood TS990s (HF+50MHz)
  • Elecraft K3/100 + P3 panadapter with LP-Pan2 Asus X7 USB (NaP3 SDR, CW-skimmer)
  • SDR receiver SDRplay


  • Icom IC9700
  • Kenwood THD72E
  • Kenwood TMD700E
  • DMR TYT MD-390 GPS

QO-100 setup

  • 77cm offset dish and Helix antenne
  • TX; Up concertor DXpatrol with FT817nd
  • RX; SDR consol with SDRplay RSP1


  • 2el SteppIR
  • ZS6BKW 2x 13,75m
  • PA144/432-36-36BG YU1CF
  • Home mage 50MHz 6el/70MHz 7el
  • Diamond X5000 2/70/23 cm
  • LEO system 1x 5el VHF and 1x 17el QD UHF


  • Acom 1000
  • USB Microkeyer II
  • USB3 Microham
  • Palstar BT1500
  • Bencer BY-2 and Bencher BY-4
  • Begali Pearl