My name is Jan-Willem Claereboets. I was born in Etten-Leur in the year 1981.

At the moment I'm living in the south part of the Netherlands in a small village called Prinsenbeek It's located about 15 km of the belgium border.
My father (Johan, PB2A) is also hamradio (since 1978).

I am married with Monique (PD7DB) and we heve a beautiful daughter, her name is Sanne

I am officially hamradio since 1999, then passed the N (Novice) authorization with the call PD5JWC. After 4 years I wanted more. On several bands in different modes. So once again I got my books to become my authorization for the C-call. That was in december 2003 and a choose a new call sign, PE7JWC. After passing for my CW-exam my call became PA7JWC.

Off course I have also hobbies next to the ham-radio. One of this hobbies is scouting. I am a member of Scouting Thomas More in Prinsenbeek. We have a special group for ham-radio at this scouting, called SPARC (Scouting Prinsenbeek Amateur Radio Club). Every third thursday of the month we come together and we're active with our club-call PI9TP.

I hope you enjoy my website.

Maybe we'll talk sometime on the radio.

73's (Greetings)

Jan-Willem (PA7JWC)